“Finding Your Frequency” with Winn Hardin of Tech B2B Marketing

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On this episode of Finding Your Frequency, your host, Brian Sexton, sits down and tunes in to conversations with some of the best and brightest creators, influencers, and entrepreneurs that Jacksonville has to offer. Today, Brian sits down with Winn Hardin of Tech B2B Marketing.

Short Company Description:

TECH B2B Marketing (TECH B2B) is a business-to-business (B2B) marketing and custom publishing company that has served companies in the high-tech, healthcare, and manufacturing industries since 1996. Whether it’s publicizing a new product, improving your visibility in key markets, or identifying market trends through primary research, TECH B2B can make sure your message finds a receptive audience in today’s complex global marketplace.

Who are you? (What’s important to you? Where are you from?):

Jacksonville Beach native that returned to Florida in ’99 after college and stints in several media organizations in MA, IL, NE, CA and others. I’m a tech geek, turned writer/marketer who founded Tech B2B in ’96 before growing it into a 20+ person full-service marketing agency. I love family, sports, live music, making difficult technology concepts understandable to the masses and helping B2B technology companies reach their full potential.

Where do you want to go in life or in your business?:

I’m right where I want to be (Jacksonville), but work every day to help build Tech B2B into a growing, more profitable business that benefits our employees and the communities we serve. It’s also important for me to help regular people understand that automation, machines and technology aren’t the enemy, but one of our greatest assets. Every company that adopts automation invariable grows its business and headcount, providing more jobs for workers around the globe.

What are you willing to do to get there?:

Grow our knowledge and expertise, while protecting our people and customers. In the tech sector, we’ve learned to embrace learning and not to fear change, whether its within our organization, customer companies, or the world at large.

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